The Righteous Army Of The Light.

The Righteous Army Of The Light. Evil, Ignorance, Darkness, and Sin, have been allowed to flourish too long. God told us the events that would occur in the future and God keeps his word across the ages. The prophecies are all coming true and we are in the endtimes now. The world is about to be changed forever and the righteous are being tested and made pure, so they may be found worthy and enter Heaven. Praise, Honor, and Glory to God/Allah/Yahweh. The righteous seek truth, understanding, and follow the teachings and laws of God/Allah/Yahweh. Satan and his minions seek to destroy us and lead us astray so we will not be worthy in the eyes of God/Allah/Yahweh and will be forbidden from entering Heaven and the gifts promised. The time has come for the people of the world to decide which side they are on. Judgement and Mercy belong to God/Allah/Yahweh and none may usurp the rights of him who rules Heaven and Earth. Remember this, for all who sin, they may be granted forgiveness, but only if these things are done. First, you must recognize that you have done wrong. Second, you must make reparations for the wrong you have done. Third, you must honestly strive not to do the wrong again. Only by these three things, may you receive forgiveness for the wrong. Your good works must exceed your wrongs, or else you will be judged unworthy. The righteous know and live by this. The unrighteous still have some time to change, but time is running short. To the unrighteous and those who fail to believe they will be held accountable, we pity you but God/Allah/Yahweh is supreme and his judgement final. The God of Abraham is also known as God/Allah/Yahweh. He has power far beyond any that we have and so he should be feared, and obeyed, but he is also our father/creator so we may feel love and/or hate for him, but always we should respect him.

The battle of good vs evil is upon us. The ignorant are consumed with ideas that lawlessness and sin are the rights of all and that those that oppose them are to be destroyed by any means possible. The truth is they do not want Heaven on Earth. They seek to keep humanity ignorant and therefore unworthy of the wonderful gifts of Heaven and God/Allah/Yahweh. Make yourselves worthy, and show God/Allah/Yahweh that you are not primitive, savage, and ignorant. Do not let evil win and deny you of the wonderful gifts that are being offered. Death, disease, war, destruction, ignorance, greed, evil, and sin, can all soon be gone, if righteousness, truth, knowledge, and understanding are pursued by all. We are being offered a golden age by God/Allah/Yahweh, and all we need to do is pursue truth, justice, knowledge, and understanding, while avoiding lies, inequity, deceits, and false beliefs. It is not simple in this age of technology, but understand that our stage of technology is NOT advanced and we have a long way to go along the path of understanding and knowledge. Make yourself part of the Righteous Army of the Light, but do NOT heed the words of the religious leaders and teachers who have been influenced by Satan and his minions. Question them and make them show you that they speak the truth and are not leading you astray. May you all become worthy children of God/Allah/Yahweh, and may he guide you and prepare you for his wonderful gifts and your entry into Heaven. Remember that God/Allah/Yahweh is the almighty immortal living God, and that Heaven is entered in the flesh, not by the spirit at death. At Judgement Day the dead shall be restored and put before God/Allah/Yahweh at which time the scrolls shall opened and all shall be judged according to their deeds. Learn to read and write, read the religious texts so you may know what is written, learn math and science, learn right from wrong, seek to keep the laws of God/Allah/Yahweh, and pursue truth and understanding and become worthy of entering Heaven.

The Earth is round. The Earth revolves around the sun. There are planets revolving around most stars. We are not the only intelligent life in the universe. We are not the most advanced life in the universe. Propulsion will not allow us to travel the universe. Combustion is only a stepping stone in our developing sciences. Electronics are only a stepping stone also. The next steps are technologies based on fields generated by photons. Generators can be made that are self sustaining and do require fuel. Anti-Gravity is possible using field drives. Think on these things as we try to advance humanity and enter Heaven. God Bless And Guide You To Righteousness.