Justice And Law.

Justice And Law. The concepts given to us by God-Allah-Yahweh, to create civilized behavior among people, and hence civilization.

Primitive Animals have no intelligence, and a group of animals are ruled by only strength and aggression.

Good people follow the laws given to them, and live in peace with each other. When the laws are broken, there are set punishments to be implemented. This brings order and applying them to every individual brings equality and fairness. Civilization is then created and the people live safe and content.

EVIL people intentionally break the laws given to them, and create chaos and fear among people. We see this done in domestic violence all the way up to Radical Terrorism. The ISIS Caliphate is the latest example, but Iran with its proxies may also be used as an example. Today we see this happening in Seattle Washington where Radical Terrorists has taken and secured an area of six blocks so far.

This is what a Terrorist Invasion looks like. Cut off cell coverage, internet, water, gas,and electricity to area. Surround with Army and Marines, then send in the Anti-Terrorists Units. If they resist, shoot to kill. The cancerous Terrorists cells have created Domestic Terrorists out of our youth, and need to be removed nationwide. This is what our US Military is trained to stop.

We warned you long ago.

You were warned and the United States of America is now under attack from within and they are no longer hiding, except for the real Terrorists that are leading these proxies. The COVID-19 was a biological attack against the US and EU, and if you look at the spread and case data you can see this. Now we have Domestic Terrorists groups rioting and destroying inside major US cities, and now they are seizing property and making demands. The War is here now, and the enemy infiltrated US, set up cells, and used the schools and universities to indoctrinate the youth against the US. It is time to take the US back, restore Justice, Restore Rule of Law, and Restore the Freedoms of the American People.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.