The Devil Played You.

The Devil Played You. You shut down the world because of lies and deceptions. The CoronaVirus Covid-19 was said to be a deadly plague that would cause massive death worldwide and the collapse of society as we know it. The healthcare professionals said that there was no cure or treatment for this new CoronaVirus, and its death rate was at least 10 times that of the Common Flu that kills 3-4 million people annually worldwide. They made it out to be as virulent as the great plagues of the past, such as the Spanish Flu, Smallpox, and Bubonic Plague. The Social Distancing and Mitigation did not stop or contain the virus, but only slowed down its spread. The world shut down, thinking that to catch the virus, was a death sentence.

The Truth began to surface that the virus was only killing the elderly, and that the young would usually recover. The medicine Chloroquine was found to be a treatment of the virus, and when Azithromycin and/or zinc sulfate were added, the survival rate increased. The threat of collapsing healthcare systems and massive death numbers, was then reduced, but the EVIL and their followers said that that was not the case. The springtime sunshine always reduces the spread of viruses every year. The models predict, was always their answer. The time has come to ask your healthcare professionals how they could have been so wrong. The world wants to blame China, but it is the healthcare professionals and their models, that caused the world to shut down. The world needs to realize, that sooner or later, a real plague, that causes death like a deadly chemical agent, will occur, but CoronaVirus COVID-19, is not that plague. The Devil and his followers played you for fools. Remember, the models predicted huge death and destruction, if economies were not shut down, and mitigation/social distancing was not implemented. Look at the undeveloped nations, and explain why they have not experienced the huge death and destruction that was predicted? The one thing to remember from this, is that we may now have a treatment for the common flu.

The Devil Played You. You have listened to lies and deceptions, and now it is time to return to normal life. The prophecies of God-Allah-Yahweh have now been fulfilled. Look for yourselves.

The world has been played, and the world leaders are now trying to save face. The Devil, The EVIL, and their followers, have made you believe you were in great danger, and that drastic action was necessary. Look at the world and see their lies and deceptions. The primitive, undeveloped, and developed countries, have not seen the results predicted by the models. The models are wrong, just like the climate change models are wrong. Stop putting faith in failed systems, and develop systems that actually work. Here is your next step technologies.

The Devil Played You. You, the Human Race, have failed to maintain the simple instructions needed for civilization. The most developed nation of the world, the United States of America, has failed to fully restore the systems, and has failed in its duty to God-Allah-Yahweh, its American People, and being an example of GOOD for the world. The EVIL and corruption has not been purged, and the USA is facing the same collapse as the Roman Empire. Prepare for Judgement Day.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.