Evil Ones Pushing Their Lies.

Evil Ones Pushing Their Lies. The battle between Good and Evil is raging on and Truth is winning over Lies. God/Allah/Yahweh predicted this period in our development, many thousands of years ago. Do Your Research, and you can see we are now in the Endtimes. The prophecies are all coming true, and the time has come for Every Human to decide what their own Fate will be. Will your Name be found in the Book of Life, or will your deeds condemn you to Eternal Damnation ??? Do NOT take this Decision lightly, for your existence, and its continuation depends upon it.

God/Allah/Yahweh is a superior immortal being that has power beyond your imagination. He has stated that the rewards he offers to those who are worthy are greater than anything these Evil Ones can offer. Everlasting Life, also known as Immortality. The Ending of Suffering and Disease. The Tree of Life. The end of Ignorance and the Evil that it propagates. The Tree of Knowledge. The ability to progress in Truth and Understanding, and to continue to Pursue Righteous and Good Deeds.

The Evil Ones promise many things but they Lie and Deceive, and have no Power to Grant their Empty Promises. Wealth, Sick Sexual Desires, Dominion Over Others, Benefit Without Work, Murder, and Subjugation By Spreading Evil and Adulterous Behavior. These are the Temptations, and the Paths that will lead you to Hell and Damnation. Change your ways before it is too late for you.

The Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists are only a small portion of the Evil Ones. Look around you and see the Evil Ones everywhere. The thugs who feed Drugs to our children, are just as guilty as the Teachers and Leaders who feed them Lies and Falsehoods. People feel Entitled to live off the Fruits of Others, but what happens when Everyone feels this way??? No One will work and our civilization will collapse. People will ask, where is my food that I am entitled to??? No One planted the crops??? People will ask why their Toys and Devices no longer work??? No One made them and kept the systems functioning. People will ask why their property is shabby and in need of repair??? No One made the goods necessary or provides the services anymore. People will ask why they have no water??? No One maintained the systems. People will ask, where are the workers??? The answer will be, they all became like you. Do you See this Truth??? Do you Understand??? Look around the World and See what is happening in the Areas that this Kind of Thinking has taken Hold. Is this what You want??? The World will enter a Dark Age that it can Not Recover from. This is the World that you will soon Know. God/Allah/Yahweh sent his messengers many times and told us of these times.

The Righteous Army of God is being Arisen at this time, so that as many People as can be Saved, will be Saved. The World is about to experience the shifting of the Magnetic Poles. The Last time this occurred was in the Time of Atlantis. Read the legends and stories of the severe weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, and strange solar activity. The Lost Continent of Atlantis is Antarctica. The Sun has shifted one pole and we are waiting for the other pole to shift. The Sun and Moon are rising and setting differently due to this. We must prepare for this event. Do Your Research. If the Legends are true, God/Allah/Yahweh will Save the Righteous and Worthy, and the Rest of Humanity will be left to suffer through this Horrific event. Make yourselves Worthy before it IS too late. May God/Allah/Yahweh Show You The Path To Righteousness.