War Between Good and Evil.

The war between good and evil is escalating. The world is entering the End Times, and God is preparing for the Day of Judgement. The fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, super storms, and the change in the positions of the sun and moon, are all signs spoken of in the various religious scriptures of the world. This is not man made climate change, but God prophesied events, written about many thousands of years ago. History is being destroyed today, and that will lead to dark times and great ignorance. Ignorance is true evil, for the one who is ignorant, is easily fooled to believe whatever others tell them. Here in the United States we have many false stories circulating and sometimes it is hard to distinguish truth from lie. It appears many people, especially young people, are living in a fantasy world, created and spread to the world through the internet. I have some advice for every person on this world, do not openly believe whatever someone else says, is true. Also research many sources of information, to best determine what is the truth. God gave us intelligence, but he also warned us about the Beast, and False Prophet. He warned us about the father of lies and deceit, known as the Devil. He warned us about the darkness, and to always seek the light. God shall judge all of us, by the amount of light and darkness within us. Truth is the light and if we pursue it, then we shall become closer to God. Lies and deceits, and the spreading of them, are darkness, and if we embrace them, we reject God and follow the Devil. Knowledge is obtained by studying, and intelligence lets us know how to use that knowledge, whether it be for good or evil. IE:Dynamite is an explosive, using it to blow up people is bad, but using it to create tunnels through mountains for travel is good. Wisdom is gained with age and experience, but sometimes God gives the young among us, wisdom beyond their years. Intelligence, wisdom, and truth, are the qualities we should wish to develop within ourselves, and spread among others. Knowingly spreading lies and deceit to others to control them for selfish purposes, is evil and wrong. If we must fight, it is for the right, and that of our children, to live in an enlightened society where we may advance in the light of truth and follow the path of greatness that God has shown us.

Humanity is about to enter a technological revolution that will allow us to become a star travelling race. The devices we are about to create, will be powerful tools for good or evil. I believe God will return soon to ensure that we do not destroy ourselves, or those that live in the heavens. The prophecies say the intelligent shall be the guides. I have advice for all of you, follow the truth, and keep a good heart. God Bless You and may he bring you to the light of Truth and Holiness.