The Advancement Of Humanity.

The Advancement Of Humanity. Do you think you are intelligent and highly advanced?

First, do you know how to read and write? This is a basic skill that you must have in order to study and expand your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. Without this skill you must learn everything on your own and use trial and error. You can not advance far in your lifetime without the ability of reading and writing. This article is a prime example, for in it, I will show you what years of studies has accomplished.

Second, do you have the basics of math and science? This is required for you to be able to understand the world you live in. The ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide are the basic math skills that all people should have to function within an advanced society that uses computers and money in many everyday functions. Using a calculator or computer to perform math is a luxury, but not being able to do math on paper hampers ones skills and abilities. Algebra and calculus are the more advanced versions of math and have allowed many advances such as manufacturing automation, space exploration, satellite technologies, computers, smartphones, and many areas of science. The basics of science are required to understand how and why various interactions occur. Chemistry, Biology, and Physics are these basic sciences that cover our understanding of life here on Earth, in the Solar System, in the Galaxy, and in the Universe.

May God Guide Us To Him And Heaven

Third, you must advance yourself in knowledge and understanding of what already exists. By doing so you can understand where our development is as a society, and understand how it functions.


The advancement is at this level right now but during world war 2 these things came out but their development is in question.

We never hear too many stories about these Nazi devices anymore. Now we have these of objects that display more capabilities than anything on Earth.

These objects have technology greater than anything on Earth at this stage in our development. Many theories exist and here are some of them.

Here is the Technology that will provide us with our next step in our advancement. Hopefully you will understand and develop.

Blessing From God/Allah/Yahweh.

Humanity needs to develop and enter the Stars. May you advance and make me proud. God/Allah/Yahweh Guide You In Understanding And Righteousness.