Defend Yourselves From EVIL.

Defend Yourselves From EVIL. Do Not Believe Everything You See Or Hear and let God-Allah-Yahweh be the Final Judge. EVIL people are trying to cause the Destruction of Human Civilization, by making you believe Lies and Deceptions. Do Not let your Ignorance be used against you. God-Allah-Yahweh is recording your very soul, and knows all your deeds, GOOD and EVIL. The Judgement Day is coming soon, and God-Allah-Yahweh is making his Prophecies come true. God-Allah-Yahweh gave you his commandments-laws, and various covenants, and instructed you in the Rule of Law, and Justice. You are failing to apply the Rule of Law fairly to all your People. You are failing to arrest and bring to trial, those who have clearly broken the laws that are supposed to apply to everyone. You are failing to protect your People from the EVIL and Corrupt People of your World. You are failing in educating your People properly, letting the basics of education, be replaced with Radical, Liberal, and Immoral agendas that have no place in our educational institutions. You are failing to Advance, and are instead embracing Primitive behaviors that God-Allah-Yahweh has told you, will not allow you to enter Heaven.

I see people that are killing, stealing, bearing false witness, coveting, and even worshiping false gods. I see people attacking others with vehicles, knives, acid, guns, bombs, and now with intentionally spreading disease by licking buttons, doorbells, doorknobs, handles, produce, packages, and even banisters on stairs, as well as intentionally coughing and spitting on others. This kind of behavior is usually spread by Radical Terrorists. Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all have Radicals that say our God-Allah-Yahweh is not your God-Allah-Yahweh, even though they all acknowledge that he is the God of Abraham. The Ignorance I see, is overwhelming and a clear indication that many of you, have no idea what Heaven is, or who God-Allah-Yahweh is.

Do you think that the vehicles visiting Earth are fake or just inside people’s imaginations? Why do you think that their is little talk about them now?

Do you know that God-Allah-Yahweh will arrive in his city-ship called the New Jerusalem, and that it is cube shaped and 1200-1500 MILES long-wide-tall? Can you even imagine its size and capabilities?

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.

Use your brains and start asking questions about this pandemic-plague.

The sad Truth, is that many of you have been kept in Ignorance, and EVIL has infected your world to the point that you are unable to restore Rule of Law and Justice, therefore God-Allah-Yahweh must intercede, as he knew and prophesied.

Please help.