Turn Away From EVIL.

Turn Away From EVIL. The EndTimes are Here Now and if you ignore the signs and pursue EVIL ways, then you can Only Blame Yourself when you are Judged Unworthy of Heaven. Google and Facebook Data Collections are Nothing compared to God/Allah/Yahweh Collections. Your Soul is a collection of all you have experienced in life, and it has been Collected in Heaven from the Day you were Conceived, and Recorded.

Many of you think that when you Die you have avoided Judgement simply because your body has failed. Know this Now, that your soul is recorded, and you will be resurrected, and you will be Judged. Every Deed you have done is in the Records, and that will be Used to Judge You, and to Determine if you are Worthy of Heaven, or that you Deserve Punishment in Hell.

Can You Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven ???

Can You Recognize EVIL ???

EVIL Leaders And Their Followers.


Evil Ones Pushing Their Lies.

EVIL Wants To Enslave US.

God vs Devil.

The Knowledge and Understanding Required to Enter Heaven has been passed down for generations in the teachings of most major religions. God/Allah/Yahweh is an Immortal Being that is Immortal, Highly Advanced, and Extremely Powerful. Many of you have built him into an Almighty Spirit who Lives in a Spiritual Realm Called Heaven, and that He and his Angels are Incorporeal Beings, having no Actual Body or Form. You obviously have Not Read the Texts and Stories. Many of the major figures have physically been taken to Heaven, and many of the interactions with Angels have been with physical beings that are capable of being seen and touched, and can eat and drink. Do your Research and Learn the Truth. Physical Angels came down to Earth and made them Themselves the Gods of Old, and had Children with Mankind.

Weapons And Technology Far Beyond Ours.

Advances In Science Required.

A New Beginning.

Blessing From God/Allah/Yahweh.

Advance, or Destroy Yourselves.

Electrical Power Generation.

Magnetic Drive Theory.

Propulsion Vs Field Drive.

The Advancement of Humanity and the events of the Future have been foretold for thousands of years. Educate yourselves and live Righteously, and you shall attain a place in Heaven. Pursue Evil ways and Desires, and you shall pay a heavy price, and it is said that you shall wish you had never been born. Remember and study, so you can learn Right from Wrong, and pursue and perform Good Deeds so you may rewarded and not punished.

God/Allah/Yahweh Lead Humanity Into The Future, And Bring The Largest Number Of Your Righteous Children Into The Kingdom Of Heaven, And Destroy Evil On The Earth And Make It Part Of Heaven.