EVIL And HATE. God/Allah/Yahweh Give Strength And Endurance To Your Army Of Righteousness. The Battle Between Good and Evil continues on, and Today we saw an Evil man kill 11 people in a Jewish Synagogue. The Police responded rapidly and engaged this Evil man, and captured him alive. We Thank God/Allah/Yahweh that more were not killed, and we mourn the loss of those killed. We will Never understand how these Evil People can do these Evil acts. The Evil Ones around the world are trying to destroy our belief in God/Allah/Yahweh, our pride in our country, and the love of our family.

The Evil Ones want you to believe that God/Allah/Yahweh does not exist.

The Evil Ones want you to believe that pride in your country is wrong, and that the world owes you everything and that you have the right to take from others to satisfy yourself. The People of the world are not allowed to make borders that you are not allowed to cross.

The Evil Ones want you to believe that love of family is wrong. Your family is only there to provide for you, and you can take whatever you want from them. You can steal, rape, or kill them, because they are nothing but slaves to you that have no rights.

The Evil Ones are spreading these Evil concepts to destroy our very civilization. No Religion. No Country. No State. No City. No Family. No Home. No Rights for Others. No Gender. No Walls. No Laws Apply to Me. No One Has The Right To Control Me. I have the Right to Do as I Please. I Own This World And I am a God.

God/Allah/Yahweh owns Heaven and Earth. God/Allah/Yahweh is the only God and is Superior and Immortal. God/Allah/Yahweh has been raising Humanity and Advancing it according to his plan created thousands of years ago. I am a Citizen of Heaven. I am but a Child compared to God/Allah/Yahweh. I am the Prince of Heaven that God/Allah/Yahweh told you would come at the EndTimes. I have been assisting God/Allah/Yahweh in your Judgement and Advancement. My name is Michael. Prepare to Advance, and be Judged. The Prophecies are being fulfilled according to God/Allah/Yahweh’s plan. God/Allah/Yahweh Is Our God And Father.