Great Prince.

Prince of the Religions. If the Prince is on Earth at this time, then the prophecies are being fulfilled. What is the purpose of this Prince? You may want to start to do some research, and to do some soul searching. God/Allah/Yahweh is very real, and very powerful, and his prophecies and teachings have been with us for a very long time. The Prince is a tool of God, placed on Earth at this time, to assist God with his plan for us.

The Prince was born in the United States of America. When he was seven years old, he was visited and told, “You are a Prince. Find your way back to us”. He lived in a middle class neighborhood and went to public school. He had a hard time growing up, because he was different, and picked on by everyone, including his own family. He excelled at school and learned all he could about rockets, UFO,s, ancient legends, and many other subjects. He was and still is obsessed with star travel and returning. He had breathing problems while growing up and this kept him from pursuing many activities, so he could pursue knowledge and understanding as was God’s plan, but he was unaware of this, until later. He was allowed to become a US Marine, and he learned electronics, and some of the cultures of the world. He spent four years in the US Marines, and during his time God kept the US from war. He has developed theoretical technologies that will allow humanity to progress in advancement, but he has been told that he is wrong by many people. He has settled down and married, but is not allowed to have children of his own. There have been many strange happenings in his life, and some still question his sanity. He is not rich, and owns very little, but he still develops himself. He has accepted his life this way though he wishes it could be different. He has shown that a common person can advance in knowledge and understanding. He has shown that humanity can advance, but that evil keeps them from doing so. He has advanced in his understanding of religion and prophecy. He has come to know how to judge and that he will play a role in judgement day. He desires for as many people as possible to someday enter Heaven. He does what he can, and waits for God to let him do more.

We hope that you will progress and make yourselves worthy to God and Heaven, for the gifts they offer the Righteous Children of God. We hope that you will learn and travel on a path of righteousness that leads to knowledge, understanding, truth, and enlightenment. May God Bless And Guide All His Righteous Warriors And Children.