The Disciples of EVIL.

The Disciples of EVIL. The Enemy of the People. The EVIL do NOT spread the Word of God-Allah-Yahweh, or follow the Laws-Commandments given by him. The EVIL do NOT teach you how to please God-Allah-Yahweh, walk a Righteous path through life, and pass the Test of Judgement Day, so you may enter Heaven and receive the Promised Gifts. Everlasting Life-Immortality is a very Special Gift that takes away Death, and allows US to continue to pursue our own Advancement and create Good Works for all time. The removal of Pain, Suffering, Disease, Hunger, Thirst, and Slavery, is another Special Gift. We shall NOT be given excess, but we shall NOT be denied enough to satisfy our need. The very Special Gift of Knowledge, shall also be given to US, and compared to Heaven, we are still a very primitive world. The Kingdom of Heaven, is beyond our science fiction, and its wonders are both amazing and frightening. Many who are found Worthy, may decide to refuse the Gifts because they merely want to Rest Peacefully, or they may wish to return to Earth, and live the meek lives they have always known, because they are not ready for Heaven and all its wonders.

The small vehicles from Heaven are still beyond our understanding, and their capabilities make US look like young grade school children. We are a very young race, created by God-Allah-Yahweh, and placed on Earth to achieve the expected results, of this great experiment. The entire plan has NOT been disclosed to US, but we know some of it from the Prophecies and Teachings.

Many of US begin with one of the main world religions, and as we grow and learn, we find that God-Allah-Yahweh is the same for all, but that due to languages and cultures, he has many different names. The theme of all of them, is basically the same. God-Allah-Yahweh is the Immortal Ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven, and of the Earth. He gave US His Laws-Commandments to be followed by all. He told US the Signs to look for, that signal the End Times of this Great Experiment, which at the END will be his Judgement Day.

Show God-Allah-Yahweh that you are Worthy to enter Heaven and to receive his Gifts. Show Heaven that you are Intelligent and Civilized. Show God-Allah-Yahweh that you wish to be taken under his wing and love, and have no desire to be crushed under his foot and anger.

Remember the past, and all its mistakes, so you can enter the future, by not making them again.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.