God vs Devil.

God vs Devil, which side are you on? Are you a warrior for God? Do you seek to do good and spread the truth, or do you seek to do evil and spread lies? The future of your world, country, and very soul, depends on which side you choose. God wants his laws observed, and for people to seek truth and understanding, so they can advance and join him in Heaven. The Devil wants people to forget God and rebel against God’s laws, and for people to live in ignorance and believe his lies and deceits, so they fail to advance and enter Heaven. The promised end times are upon us, and your future, and the future of mankind, are now playing out. For many years the people of earth have been told these events will and must occur, and to prepare yourselves for these times. Science and technology are about advance to a level that will allow entry into Heaven, and God has been working towards this goal. The Devil wants mankind to stay ignorant and primitive, so they will never enter Heaven and will destroy themselves, proving to God that his creation of mankind was a mistake. The stories passed down by many religions have told this story over the years in one form or another. The power of God is great indeed, and has been shrouded in mystery and prophecy, to bring this glorious day about. God wants us to join him in Heaven. The Devil wants to keep us from this goal. It is as simple as that. The evil ones on Earth that keep the world ignorant and under their control, fear these days, for when they lose, they will be nothing but chafe. Let those who have wisdom and understanding, bring knowledge and light to vanquish ignorance and darkness. Blessed be God and May He Grant You Wisdom and Understanding.