This is NOT Climate Change.

We have been hearing many people speak about climate change and that it is due to the industrial activity of humans. We see the sun rising and setting in different directions than normal. The moon is different too. The ice caps are melting. Volcanoes are becoming active. Earthquakes are increasing in frequency and magnitude. Human activity has NOT caused this. This is a solar system event that we have not seen before. Weather events are strange now, due to an increase in water in the atmosphere. Solar activity has also been erratic. Humanity’s activity can not produce these effects. The effects we are seeing are real, but NOT caused by humanity. This is a solar system event and one that our scientists should be aware of. This talk of humanity causing it, is outrageous. Their computer models never had the earth shifting, yet it has. I repeat, this is a celestial event that humanity has no control or influence of. May God open the eyes of his children.