Propulsion Vs Field Drive.

Propulsion systems use fuel to make an object move forward. Field drives create a bubble around an object so it can push or pull itself in the desired direction. If we could create a field drive than we would be able to travel at extreme velocities without the effects of inertia killing us. Living on Earth, we are traveling over 1000 MPH just standing on the surface, and in relation to the sun, we are traveling at 67,000 MPH. We do not feel the inertia of this travel, yet it must exist because we are traveling at this speed. If we could create a vehicle that could make us act like a photon, we could travel at the speed of light. This is not outside the realm of reality, but our scientific community is just a bunch of idiots. They need to begin to think of ways to advance humanity, and continue its existence. We can see light or photons from billions of light years away, and it does not require additional fuel to keep traveling. When you use a compass, it is reading the magnetic field of the Earth, not the magnetic field of the Sun. If there are extraterrestrial beings visiting us then they must be using a technology similar the one described to travel because propulsion can not take us to the stars effectively or efficiently. It is time for Humanity to advance beyond its primitive technologies, and we hope to inspire and guide our race to the next generation technologies that will ensure our continued existence.