EVIL is based upon Ignorance of Right and Wrong. Due to Ignorance, you are encouraged to believe Lies and Deceptions as Real. God/Allah/Yahweh taught us Right from Wrong, but many Religious Leaders are now spreading lies and deceptions. The Truth, God/Allah/Yahweh is the Immortal Living God, and Heaven is entered in the Flesh, when He deems someone Worthy.

HATE is based upon a Belief of being Persecuted or Wronged. The Elite NOT being held to Equal Justice under the Law, Illegal Immigrants being given more Rights than Citizens or Legal Immigrants, and Criminals and Terrorists being allowed to cross our Borders and hurt our People, are just a few examples of why People Hate. Terrorists wish to make you live in fear. Radical Terrorists wish to also impose their own laws and Religious Beliefs on People they make live in fear.

The United States of America has always been the Leader of the Free World, and has encouraged other nations to follow our example, but few of them have ever achieved the Status of the USA.

The United States of America, has NOT, tried to Conquer the World as other nations have in the past and still desire to do so in the present. The USA is ready to Defend itself and its Allies. US History has shown a Nation created by and under God/Allah/Yahweh and his Commandments.

The US Citizen loves God/Allah/Yahweh, The USA, And Family Values. God/Allah/Yahweh Bless And Guide The USA, Now And Forever.