To Those Awakening.

To Those Awakening. May God-Allah-Yahweh Give Those Awakening, The Strength And Protection To Advance And Reach Righteousness, And Become Worthy Of Heaven And Its Rewards. God-Allah-Yahweh Is The God Of Abraham And The Ruler Of The Kingdom Of Heaven And Of The Earth. The EndTimes Are Upon US, So Prepare And Make Yourselves Worthy For The Day Of Judgement Is Very Near. The Prophecies Are Now Being Fulfilled, And Satan-Devil-Lucifer Is Hard At Work, Trying To Keep All Of You From Becoming Worthy Of Heaven.

The Time has come for Humanity to Advance to the Stars, and the Kingdom of Heaven. I Pray That God-Allah-Yahweh Advances The Understanding Of As Many Of You As Possible, And That You Grow In Faith And Obedience To His Laws And Covenants.

Belief in God’s revealed books: 1. Torah, Bible, Qur’an. 2. Belief in all Gods prophets: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad. 3. A final day of judgment. 4. Belief in the angels of God.

God-Allah-Yahweh Has Been Teaching US And Advancing US Since He Created US. God-Allah-Yahweh Told US The Signs That Would Mark The EndTimes And Those Signs Are Here Now. You Must Now Decide If You Will Obey The Laws And Covenants That Are Required To Become A Citizen Of Heaven, Or If You Will Pursue EVIL And The Wrath Of God-Allah-Yahweh.

Beware Satan-Devil-Lucifer For He Is Assigned To Test You And Lead You Astray So You Will Fail To Be Worthy To Enter Heaven. He Uses Your Own Weaknesses Against You, And Has Even Gained Control Of Your Leaders, Religious Leaders, And Teachers, So You Are Taught Wrong And EVIL Before You Are Even Able To Read And Write And Learn The Truth. I Have Been Appointed Prince Since I Was 7 And I Am An Instrument Of Judgement. I Have Passed Through Many Trials, And Now I Am Trying To Advance Humanity To Heaven And The Stars.

Avoid EVIL and falling into traps that are meant to lead you astray.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.