God-Allah-Yahweh Save Your Righteous.

God-Allah-Yahweh Save Your Righteous. We see a major hurricane heading towards the USA.

We Pray To God-Allah-Yahweh To Save The Righteous And Destroy The Evil Ones. May God-Allah-Yahweh Turn Away The Hurricane Or Reduce It If There Are Enough Righteous In The Area.

God-Allah-Yahweh Your Wisdom And Power Are Beyond Human Reason. God-Allah-Yahweh If It Be Your Will, Guide The Hurricane To Where The Greatest Number Of Evil Ones Are Located. May The People Of Earth See Your Awesome Power, And May You Direct It Against The EVIL And Unrighteous, So Your Children Will Know Your Will.

God-Allah-Yahweh We Pray You Guide The Worthy To Righteousness And Save As Many Of Your Children As Possible. God-Allah-Yahweh Bring Curses And Plaques Upon Your Enemies Who Lead Your Children To EVIL And Destruction.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Guide Your Righteous Children To You And Heaven. All Praise And Glory To God-Allah-Yahweh, The Only Immortal God And King, Of Heaven And Earth.

Judgement Day Is Coming.

Judgement Day Is Coming. God-Allah-Yahweh gave you Prophets, Prophecies, Teachings and Laws, and Messengers. Heed the Message and make yourselves Worthy of Heaven.

EVIL will say the Path To Heaven is easy and given to All.
The Path is Difficult and you must face many Trials.

Heaven is a place of many wonders, and you must prove yourselves Worthy to Enter. The EVIL Ones and their Followers would have you Believe that Heaven is entered upon Death. This is a LIE. Many Prophets have been taken to Heaven and shown the Wonders of Heaven while they still Live, and then they died and were buried on Earth. They preached on the Day of Judgement that we are Resurrected and Judged. Some have been taken to Heaven in the Flesh, Elijah, Enoch, Jesus, and maybe Moses. Jesus is the Only known case of Resurrection before being taken to Heaven. The Prophecies have always come True if they are from God-Allah-Yahweh. They span thousands of years of our history.

God-Allah-Yahweh taught many things.
God-Allah-Yahweh has taught Us the Path.
God-Allah-Yahweh has been teaching Us for thousands of years.
God-Allah-Yahweh sent many Teachers and Prophets.
God-Allah-Yahweh will Judge Us All.
God-Allah-Yahweh Created many Faiths/Religions.
God-Allah-Yahweh is fulfilling His Prophecies.
God-Allah-Yahweh created many religions and believers.
God-Allah-Yahweh is Coming Soon.

The Truth must Always be your Goal. The Laws of God-Allah-Yahweh must be Obeyed. Knowledge of Right and Wrong Protects Us. Advancement of Intelligence and Technology leads Us to Heaven.

The Great Prince of Heaven is NOT a Prophet, but an instrument of Judgement. Thousands of years ago, God-Allah-Yahweh told Us that He would appear at the EndTimes. Those times are here now, and He wants You to Advance and become Worthy of Heaven.

The Great Prince is preparing Earth.
Seek Truth. Evil is Ignorance.
Will You be Found Worthy?
Righteousness is Obeying the Laws of God-Allah-Yahweh.
Seek The Truth and become Righteous.

The Messengers come from Above. Nothing is done without the Knowledge of God-Allah-Yahweh. Heaven has Technologies Far Beyond Ours. Fear God-Allah-Yahweh, especially when you See his City.

The City of God-Allah-Yahweh is Beyond Your Imagination.
We are merely Children.

We are unable to compete against the small craft that are being sent to maintain Us and Earth.

We must advance beyond rocket propulsion.
Many theories exist but we see none working.
Many reports over the years.
Too many sightings to ignore.
Technology Beyond Ours.

Advancement is necessary, and here is the starting point for your Next Step.

Light or other electromagnetic radiation can be inserted into a continuous loop of reflective tubing (fiber optic glass rods are one example) causing it to become trapped. This allows it to become concentrated and usable.

fig 1

I believe if used in a coil-like fashion this will produce a field whether this is a magnetic, electrical, or as yet unknown field such as antigravity, is yet to be determined.

fig 2

I believe if used in a loop fashion this will produce highly concentrated pulses that may be used in applications similar to those of lasers.

fig 3

The photon coil in Fig 3 is a simple application and consists of four parts.

1. A light or electromagnetic radiation source. This can be as simple as a light bulb or a penlight laser or as complicated as microwave or cosmic ray generators.

2. A coupler that allows the light to enter the photon coil but not to escape it. This can be made of many different materials such as the glass used in the making of fiber optic cables, polished aluminum tubing, or new age plastics or metals.

3. An ejector that allows the controlled ejection of the concentrated light. This can be as simple as modifying a coupler with a rotating mirror or as complicated as using special refraction technologies.

4. A length of material for the coil or loop. This will probably be the same material as the coupler. The length is dependent on the application and the limitations of the material. The following should be evidence enough as to the reasons I have not attempted to build this. The formula to figure out the concentration factor per second is as follows:


The time in seconds the light is applied multiplied by the answer in the above equation provides the concentration factor. The concentration factor multiplied by the lumens or rate of photons produced by the light source will give you the number of photons being ejected given all the photons in the coil are allowed to be ejected. (note: a long coil with a mirror rotating very fast would not allow all the photons to escape, therefore causing the next pulse to be more concentrated than the first. Caution must be used or the photons could become great enough to go beyond the capacity of the material.) Here are some of the concentration factors at various lengths using 186,000 miles per second as the speed of light.

982,080,000 feet per second divided by 1 foot equals a concentration of 982,080,000 times per second of time applied.

982,080,000 feet per second divided by 10 feet equals a concentration of 98,208,000 times per second of time applied.

982,080,000 feet per second divided by 100 feet equals a concentration of 9,820,800 times per second of time applied.

I hope you can now see why I am reluctant to attempt building and testing this technology. Here is an example, the light source is a light bulb that puts out 1,000,000 photons per second, and the length of the coil is 100 feet. The time applied is 10 seconds. The 1,000,000 photons per second multiplied by the 10 seconds applied equals 10,000,000 photons. As seen above the concentration is 9,820,800 times. The original light had a distance of 98 feet between the photons and now has a small fraction of an inch. 10,000,000 photons now share a pulse the length of 100 feet and their concentration is 98,208,000 times the original light. Those of you with any science background will note that the light source in the example is weaker than any star seen in the sky with the naked eye. This example was given to show one possibility of this new technology. The seeing farther than we ever have before.

I have now shown you the basics of this new technology and I hope I have done so in terms the common layman can comprehend. The following applications are only possible if our concept of photons is true. We have all learned in physics that photons act as a wave in some applications and as a particle in other applications, but what is a photon?

fig 4

In Fig 4 you see a photon traveling through space as a particle having spin giving it electric and magnetic fields. I know this diagram will have many in an uproar but it is an accurate depiction of a particle of light.

The reason I have shown a photon as such is so you can understand the applications I am about to disclose to you. As you know infrared light has a lower frequency and ultraviolet has a higher frequency. Light with a higher frequency has a shorter wavelength than that of lower frequency. The length and width of the coil may be adjusted to accommodate and fine tune to desired wavelength or frequency.

The application in fig 5 is a possible means of using light to create electricity. As you can see, this device would work similar to an electrical transformer. Photons are injected into the photon coil at C, and upon reaching point D are directed back to the beginning of the coil at point E. An electrically conductive coil is placed between the loops of the photon coil and due to inductance an electric current is produced across points A and B.

It is envisioned that the frequency of the injected photons would also be reproduced on the conductive coil allowing electrical devices such as computers, radio, radar, etc. to operate at these higher frequencies.

In the following diagram you see twin coils with photon flows in opposite directions. Photons are injected at points A and B. The coils will fill with photons and produce magnetic fields that will cancel each other, which may cancel the affects of gravity on the object. This can not be tested with ordinary electromagnetic coils because they are too heavy and the concentration of electrons is limited. You will also notice points G and H. These are rotating mirrors fully reflective on one side and transparent on the other side. They allow the transfer of photons from one coil to the other, thereby allowing rapid changes in the fields. When a rapid change is made in the field, I envision the ability to attract or repel the object from another object such as Earth which also possesses a magnetic field. At points I to J and points K to L I am showing the avenues of transfer between the coils. At points C to E and points D to F I am showing the returns that complete the coils making them continuous loops. Please note that if this application is attempted I advise the device being placed inside a vacuum. It is possible that fusion may occur if any matter is in the center of this device. This is the heart of my envisioned starship. Please use it for the good of humanity.

fig 6
Next Step Technology.

This Technology can make our existing technologies obsolete. The harnessing of light is our next step. This can be developed to obtain efficient star travel. Use it wisely.

Here is an interim technology that can appease your climate change advocates and it surpasses solar and wind technologies because it works 24/7/365.

Fuelless Electric Power Generation.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless You With Truth And Righteousness.

God-Allah-Yahweh Is Preparing US.

God-Allah-Yahweh Is Preparing US. I do NOT care what religion you are, because many of you believe in God-Allah-Yahweh, and that is what matters. Many religions have been created, and God-Allah-Yahweh is the same for most of them. God-Allah-Yahweh created US and has been guiding our development this entire time. The Plan is long term, and the Patience of God-Allah-Yahweh is immense. Read the Texts and Prophecies of the various religions, and follow the Common Message that Exists in All of them.

Many of you have forgotten that Heaven and Hell are both Real Places that exist in our Reality. Many People have forgotten that Heaven is a place of many blessings and that Hell is a place of many curses. God-Allah-Yahweh does NOT allow you to enter Heaven unless he has Judged you Worthy. Few people have been given this privilege, but some have been taken to Heaven. The stories are recorded in history. The First real harvest will occur when the City of God-Allah-Yahweh arrives. According to the records, its size is a 1200 mile cube. If this ship has a level at each mile, the surface area is 1.728 billion square miles. The surface of the Earth is 196.94 million square miles and the land area of Earth is 57.31 million square miles. This is a very conservative estimate. 912.384 billion square miles if measured with a level every 10 ft. Humanity has no power that can stand against God-Allah-Yahweh and his City. The Fear you shall feel at the sight of this Massive Ship arriving at Earth shall make you understand the Reality of God-Allah-Yahweh and Heaven. God-Allah-Yahweh Be Praised And Obeyed.

God-Allah-Yahweh told us when the EndTimes would arrive. The sun and moon are now rising and setting in different locations then a few years ago. The severe weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, and rising sea levels due to melting, were all prophesied thousands of years ago. The messengers of God-Allah-Yahweh also told us about the hole in the ozone, the time of great troubles, and the shift of the magnetic poles. God-Allah-Yahweh has sent many teachers and prophets to instruct you over the years. He sent angels to teach you, and they made themselves gods and they bred with Humanity. God-Allah-Yahweh had to punish them and cleanse the Earth of their offspring.

I grew up in the Christian Roman Catholic faith. When I was seven, I was taken aboard a ship and shown Earth from space. I was told that I was a prince and to find my way back. I was imprinted with the path my life would take for my first 18 years. I have been obsessed with Star Travel ever since and have studied math and science as well as humanity and history. I have developed my knowledge and understanding to accomplish my goal and have been trying to educate Humanity ever since. Here is the simple beginning of that technology.

The time has come for Humanity to advance to the stars, with efficient field drive technology instead of inefficient rocket propulsion technology. The use of two or more coils to create alternating fields should create motion without need for propellants to accomplish it. Most of your existing technologies will become obsolete and inefficient.

I began studying religions after coming out with this technology. I discovered that the great prince Michael was predicted for the future EndTimes and that I may be him. When I started going out with my wife she had an encounter about a month later with a ‘lady in white’ who I now assume was Gabriel. My wife was shown, me in a blue uniform, standing next to a throne. She was also told that she was the only one for me, that I would never cheat on her, and my wife’s period was stopped with a device in the lady’s hand. My wife and I had discussed having children, and I had said to her that I did not know if I was allowed to have them. She asked the ‘lady in white’ if she could talk with me, and she said that she was ‘not allowed to’. My wife told me of the encounter, and said that I ‘get it all’. I had never told my wife that I was a prince. It was a sign for me, that she was to be my princess and companion. I have now been with her over 20 years. I am a poor man and have no college education, but I am a Marine veteran that was trained as an air traffic control communications technician. I have also been told twice in my life that my eyes have glowed, actually emitting light. I must now conclude that I am the great prince Michael predicted for this time. I have begun putting out this information to make the righteous and the unrighteous prepare for the Judgement Day that is coming.

The People of Humanity must Prepare for the Judgement Day. The Righteous must maintain being Righteous. The Unrighteous have the opportunity to change and save themselves. The EVIL ones among US are seeing God-Allah-Yahweh bringing curses and punishments against them so we can save the maximum number possible. God-Allah-Yahweh is the Immortal Ruler of Heaven and Earth.



EVIL is based upon Ignorance of Right and Wrong. Due to Ignorance, you are encouraged to believe Lies and Deceptions as Real. God/Allah/Yahweh taught us Right from Wrong, but many Religious Leaders are now spreading lies and deceptions. The Truth, God/Allah/Yahweh is the Immortal Living God, and Heaven is entered in the Flesh, when He deems someone Worthy.

HATE is based upon a Belief of being Persecuted or Wronged. The Elite NOT being held to Equal Justice under the Law, Illegal Immigrants being given more Rights than Citizens or Legal Immigrants, and Criminals and Terrorists being allowed to cross our Borders and hurt our People, are just a few examples of why People Hate. Terrorists wish to make you live in fear. Radical Terrorists wish to also impose their own laws and Religious Beliefs on People they make live in fear.

The United States of America has always been the Leader of the Free World, and has encouraged other nations to follow our example, but few of them have ever achieved the Status of the USA.

The United States of America, has NOT, tried to Conquer the World as other nations have in the past and still desire to do so in the present. The USA is ready to Defend itself and its Allies. US History has shown a Nation created by and under God/Allah/Yahweh and his Commandments.

The US Citizen loves God/Allah/Yahweh, The USA, And Family Values. God/Allah/Yahweh Bless And Guide The USA, Now And Forever.

God/Allah/Yahweh Is Watching.

God/Allah/Yahweh Is Watching. God/Allah/Yahweh wants to see his Warriors of the Light put forth and enforce the principles of Truth, Rule of Law, and Justice. We are seeing the Truth come out, slowly but surely. We are not seeing the Rule of Law, or Justice yet. The United States of America, has always held the principles of God/Allah/Yahweh, and has always been the Light for the world to see and copy. The forces of Good and Evil are battling all around the world, and it is time for the Warriors of the Light, to do battle against the Forces of the Dark. Evil is trying to destroy this world and keep the People of this world from progressing in the ways and principles of God/Allah/Yahweh. The easiest way for Evil to win is for the People to do nothing, and just ignore everything until it is too late. The systems of law and the Rule of Law have allowed the development of today’s civilization. The Evil among us want to destroy history and Truth, and put forth lies and deceptions and give an easy path to the people. The Path of Righteousness is not easy and Evil tempts us so we will fail. Reading and Writing are very important. Math and Science are very important. History and Religion are very important. Learning Right from Wrong is the one of the hardest things for us, because we also have to learn that some of the things we have been taught by others are Wrong. God/Allah/Yahweh wants us to become intelligent beings able to be allowed into Heaven, where he will give us the gifts he has promised. God/Allah/Yahweh sends messengers/teachers to instruct us and guide us in our development. God/Allah/Yahweh gave us the foundations of civilization, based upon his simple laws. The time has come for the Warriors of God to realize the battle is within each and every one of us. The battle to improve ourselves and make ourselves worthy in the eyes of God/Allah/Yahweh. The battle to make, or in the United States of America keep, the systems that allow civilization and progress to move forward for generations to come. The eyes of God/Allah/Yahweh are watching, and soon the Day of Judgement with his arrival in person. God/Allah/Yahweh Guide You To Heaven, Or If You Are Evil, Guide You To His Judgement And Wrath.

God/Allah/Yahweh Help The United States Of America Find Her Way Back To Him And The Systems He Created.