In God we trust.

In God we trust. One nation under God. So help me God. These phrases have existed since the creation of this great nation. They are on our money, in our pledge of allegiance, and in the testimony of witnesses. The original systems of law for this nation and many others are based on the laws handed down by God. Today’s generation has no clue of what God is. They say there is no God. They say they are the future but they will have no future. They no nothing about God, and reject everything about religion, therefore they will not follow the law according to God. They say that they are the future and we are the past. They say that their ways are the ways of the future and that God does not exist, and we are stupid to believe in a fictitious being. They say that God’s laws do not apply to them, for he does not exist. They say that God will not punish them because he is not real. They have never been taught history or religion. They have been allowed to sin without the threat of punishment for such sin. They do not believe in the prophecies of God and think we are stupid to believe. For those who believe, we remind them to read the prophecies of God and what he told us would happen. God told us these days would come, and that his judgments would befall them.

God is an immortal being who rules Heaven. Heaven is not another dimension that we enter when we die. Heaven is the rest of the universe. Once mankind has advanced beyond rockets, God will come and enforce his laws with judgment. God told us what would happen and we can only pity the younger generation for their ignorance and stupidity in not heeding the warnings and teachings. Soon the trumpets will be blown and the plaques will be unleashed. The evil will be punished and the good will see Heaven.

God Please Show The People Of Earth Your Existence And Great Power. God Bless The Good People Who Follow Your Laws and Fear Your Great Wrath. God Bless Your Faithful, And Turn The Minds And Hearts Of Our Children To Follow You.