Prepare Your Defense.

Prepare Your Defense. The time has come for everyone to look at themselves and wonder if they are Worthy to enter Heaven. God/Allah/Yahweh has been preparing and advancing Humanity for the next stage of development. Most of you will Not be found Worthy. You have failed to Obey the Commandments.

1 God/Allah/Yahweh holds all power over the People of Earth, and we need to Obey his Laws, so we may be Judged Worthy, of Entering Heaven and Receiving his Promised Gifts. Remember God/Allah/Yahweh is an Immortal Being and the Kingdom of Heaven is all that Exists beyond Earth. It is NOT another dimension that you go to after Death. Every Person since the Beginning has been Recorded and God/Allah/Yahweh can Resurrect Everyone, and Punish or Reward according to their Deeds.

2 No Image can possess the Power of God/Allah/Yahweh, and none can Save you but he. No one knows the Image of God/Allah/Yahweh, and this has been done on purpose. Worship no Image that is Made.

3 Never swear by God/Allah/Yahweh and Not Fulfill what you have Sworn. To do this, is a Deed that will be held Against You in the Judgement. The Evil and Corrupt of this World will find that This Commandment will Damn Them. Speak Not for God/Allah/Yahweh unless He has Instructed You to do so.

4 The Sabbath Day has been referred to as a day of Rest. You are supposed to Rest from your Labors, and Remember God/Allah/Yahweh. You should Remember God/Allah/Yahweh, His Laws, His Teachings, His Actions, and His Prophecies. On this day you should also Reflect on Yourself, and ask Yourself if you are Worthy in the Eyes of God/Allah/Yahweh.

5 Honor Thy Mother And Father. We Honor our parents by being the Best we can be in the Eyes of God/Allah/Yahweh. We Honor our Parents by visiting them in their Old Age and making them feel wanted in our lives. We Honor them by advancing ourselves in Knowledge and Understanding, and showing them that we have learned Right from Wrong. Some people say that this law is Obey Your Mother And Father. We only Obey our Parents until We ourselves become Adults, and then Obedience stops. Honoring Thy Mother And Father means Advancing Oneself beyond our Parent’s education and understanding, and Teaching Them so they may catch up this US. In this way we have Honored them whether they are Living or Dead.

6 Thou Shalt Not Kill. This law is simple in its words, but it is probably meant to be Thou Shalt Not Murder. Murder is the Intentional Killing of Someone for Reasons Other Than Justice or Defense. The Killing of a Convicted Murderer is Justice, and the Killing of an Invader is Defense. In War, the Country that is Threatening is Usually the Bad Actor, unless its threats are made in protection of its People. The World today has put Rules and Laws in place pertaining to Protocols of War in regards to Major Wars. This has kept the World in a Balance that keeps the outbreak of Major War down to a minimum. A person is a Murderer if they Kill for Pleasure, with no regards to the rights of those being killed. God/Allah/Yahweh kept the United States of America out of war, for the four years the Great Prince served in the Marines. This the Power of God/Allah/Yahweh, and should be remembered before someone wishes to commit murder.

7 Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. This law is in respect to intercourse. It is often interpreted as meaning a married person is Not to have intercourse with anyone But their espoused. It should probably be interpreted as you shall have no intercourse except with your espoused or one that you wish to become your espoused. This interpretation is more accurate because it covers such acts as animal sex, rape, prostitution, child sex, sodomy, as well as sex with someone already espoused. This interpretation also allows for masturbation so one may satisfy oneself to avoid breaking this commandment and others.

8 Thou Shalt Not Steal. This is straight forward. You are not to take that which is not yours. This also means that others are not to take that which is yours.

9 Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness. This is straight forward. You are not to charge others falsely. You do not say someone is guilty of a crime, that you know they are innocent of. This is going to take down many people that lie under oath. God/Allah/Yahweh knows all your deeds, both Good and Bad. The Evil ones who Lie and Deceive with False and Misleading Allegations will feel the Wrath of God/Allah/Yahweh.

10 Thou Shalt Not Covet. This means that you are Not to conspire against others to Obtain that which they have. Knowledge, Truth, and Understanding, are that which we should covet, Not anything else of someone else. There is nothing on this world Worth anything except the Army of the Righteous, and the Blessed Children of God/Allah/Yahweh. Make yourself Worthy.

Are You Worthy???

You have failed to develop yourselves properly.

These are the seven attributes that you are supposed to develop in yourself. Think of yourself as a Citizen of Heaven, and behave as such. The wonders of Heaven are many, and God/Allah/Yahweh has shown the wonders to some, and had them write/communicate what they were shown so future generations would have no excuse or be able to claim ignorance.

Develop and Increase your Knowledge.

Develop and Increase your Intelligence.

Develop and Increase your Wisdom.

Develop and Increase your ability to Counsel.

Develop and Increase your Strengths.

Know in your Heart and Mind that God/Allah/Yahweh is Real.

Fear the Power and Might of God/Allah/Yahweh.

The developing of these attributes is necessary to allow you to advance, and the obeying of the commandments will help you make the right decisions. The proper use of the knowledge you obtain/develop is directed by Intelligence, Wisdom, and Counsel, and is a Strength as well as a Responsibility. Please remember that Ignorance is the Greatest Evil and the Evil Ones use your Ignorance against you using Lies and Deceptions to Distort your Knowledge of Right and Wrong, also known as Good and Evil.

The Evil Ones are those who know and intentionally do Wrong. The Followers of Evil, out of their Ignorance, will be Judged Unworthy to Enter Heaven and Will be punished, following the Judgement Day.

Can You Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven ???

The BIG Picture.

The Prince Of Heaven.

Turn Away From EVIL.

The Signs are all here that we are in the EndTimes. Remember that God/Allah/Yahweh knows all of your Evil deeds and all of your Good deeds. God/Allah/Yahweh’s records on you are Everything you have done since you were born. Nothing is Hidden from God/Allah/Yahweh. You Still have Time to Change and Make yourself Worthy of Heaven.