The power of God.

The power of God is beyond the comprehension of most people. God is an immortal being who rules Heaven and Earth. He is the God of Gods and the King of Kings. Throughout the ages he has directed the destiny of mankind whom he created. The time has come for the People of Earth to learn some truths they seem to have forgotten. Heaven is the vastness of stars and planets that you see in the sky and beyond. The Angels who are the Messengers of God have always appeared as men, and been given food and drink as welcome. The spirit world does not exist as it is preached today. The spirit rests in a repository created by God, where it resides until judgement day. On that day the spirit is reunited with the body and brought before God for judgement. The books of judgement are then opened and all the deeds of that person shown, both good and evil. Some special persons have been taken to heaven and always in the flesh, so Heaven must be in the physical world. God spoke through the Prophets and from what they preached and wrote, we have entered the prophesied End Times. Earthquakes, floods, massive storms, volcanoes, plaques, war, and the shifting of the stars at night are all occurring. The war between good and evil, light and darkness, truth and lie, or knowledge and ignorance, is under way. Mankind is now being placed under pressure to test the souls of its people and assist in the judgement of the same. Now is the time for people to become enlightened and gain understanding so that they might be judged worthy to enter heaven, or face damnation. God has the power to destroy all life on earth if he chooses.

The Lord of the Universe has power beyond your imagination. Have you ever seen a light in the sky that act naturally? Have you ever seen things in the sky that nobody else has? Have you ever felt a presence that you could not explain? Have you ever been compelled to change your actions by something around you that you can not explain? Have you ever wanted to do wrong and were punished by events beyond your control? Have you ever been saved by the words or actions of another that you do not even know? All these things are controlled by God. Never underestimate the power of God.

God Bless America and Keep Her Safe. God Bless the Righteous and Bring Evil to Damnation. May you walk in the ways of righteousness and enter Heaven.