The Righteous VS The Evil.

The Righteous VS The Evil. The EndTimes are upon us and the prophecies are being fulfilled. Humanity is overall Evil in its nature. The majority of humanity thinks they are good and will enter Heaven when they die. The Truth is, they will not enter Heaven when they die. The religious leaders have taught them falsehoods, due to their own ignorance. The many religious texts speak of Holy Men being taken up to Heaven and meeting God/Allah/Yahweh, and then returning to their people to teach about the experience. They did not die to enter Heaven and then were resurrected to return to Earth. The Teachings say that at Judgement Day all the dead are resurrected and judged according to the record books.

The EndTimes Approach.

There Is Only One.

The Battle Continues…

Reports of UFO in the Past.

The Advancement Of Humanity.

Guilty As Charged.

Prepare Your Defense.

The BIG Picture.

The Prince Of Heaven.

Turn Away From EVIL.

The Time has come to make yourselves worthy of Heaven and the gifts that God/Allah/Yahweh has promised as reward for being righteous. God/Allah/Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous And Punish And Destroy The Evil.