Reports of UFO in the Past.

Reports of UFO in the Past. I thought it would interesting to show this PDF from a 1960’s report on UFOs. These craft are estimated to accelerate at over 100 g and have speeds of 19.000 mph and faster. They have no fins and in many cases have no plumes and are soundless. They are able to make maneuvers that defy aerodynamics of aircraft by reversing direction, making 90 degree turns, hovering in place, and traveling straight up at incredible speed. These are not the Nazi craft that were created during World War 2, and they display capabilities that are impossible even today. I want you to know that these reports are from a time before cellphones, computers, and smartphones. Do your research and realize that we are Not alone and have never been alone.

The Time has come for Humanity to Advance and to begin on the path to creating craft that can travel to other stars. The EndTimes are upon Us and its time to grow up. God/Allah/Yahweh allows these craft to visit Earth and makes sure they do not interfere with his plans. The crafts that comprise the Army of Heaven are much more powerful and lethal than any of these research and observation crafts that have been observed.

The Time has come to Advance and Judgement will occur soon so the EVIL of Humanity do not enter Heaven.