Saving The World By Advancing Its Technologies.

Saving The World By Advancing Its Technologies. The climate change advocates say we need to switch to technologies like Solar and Wind to save our world. They are Wrong. Electrical power can be generated without using fuel and without needing nature. The generators of today are highly efficient and even electric motors are more efficient. An electric motor can be started with a battery and it in turn starts the generator, and once the generator is up to working speed, the battery can be disconnected and the generator can then power the motor. The generator will produce more power than the motor requires, so you now have additional usable power to meet your electrical energy needs.

Many people are creating innovative designs, and you will note that they require much less space and materials than Wind and Solar, and can provide power 24hours/7daysaweek/365daysayear. The people who control the world, do not want you to know this. This type of system can even power the International Space Station more efficiently. This is the direction to take for immediate change. I have a different design that can lead to far more efficiency and parts of it can take over many industries. I am seeking help raising funds to build a prototype, patent it, and produce it. Once this is achieved I will use the profits to pursue your next generation technologies that can lead to a golden age of advancement.

We can save the planet and also enter the heavens. Imagine being able to travel the solar system and other solar systems? It is time to make science fiction a reality, although it is much different than they thought. I have worked on these theories my entire life and I have been patiently waiting for all of to catch up enough to understand. I knew long ago that UFOs are real. I knew the Sun had a magnetic field. I knew that the ancient gods, and God-Allah-Yahweh, were the extraterrestrials only around thirty years ago. The religions of the world are based on beings from heaven that control everything about this world. The ancient Gods were beings from heaven that were supposed to educate us, but they made themselves Gods and rulers, and when God-Allah-Yahweh came to inspect his experiment, he removed them from Earth, and had to destroy most of humanity with the great flood, to put his experiment back to right. This time he will rescue those worthy. Yes, the EndTimes are here.

We can advance to heavens by creating a field drive that creates alternating fields like a particle of light. This will solve many problems and make humanity a star faring race. The dream is within reach. Plaese help me achieve it.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers. It Is Time To Become Free From This World.