God Help America Save The World.

God Help America Save The World. America, also known as The United States of America, is in a struggle to save the world from Evil. America is the most advanced technological democracy on this planet. The world is facing a battle today, predicted long ago by God. Once again Evil is trying to destroy the plans of God, and keep the faithful people from entering Heaven, and being with God. Many people were told to watch for the signs, and with the Sun and Moon rising and setting in different spots, the events are happening for the EndTimes. The population of our world has grown to where it can no longer safely support all life, and therefore we are seeing food chain species becoming extinct faster than ever. The icecaps and glaciers are melting faster because the sun is more active due to it is shifting its magnetic poles. Our magnetic poles will follow shortly after. This is the reason for the increase in volcanoes and earthquakes recently. The severe storms we are seeing is due to an increase in moisture from the melting and an increase in solar wind, as well as a fluctuating earth magnetic field. These are troubling times and were predicted by God many thousands of years ago. God tried to let our ancestors know would happen, but as predicted many have twisted his words to their own benefits. Every religion has different stories, rituals, and laws that they say God gave them. They all have stories of God giving his laws, of his blessings and curses, and of the future events to unfold. Evil has twisted things to make people sin, and to keep them ignorant, so they can not enter Heaven by technological advancement and adherence to righteous laws and behaviors. God wants the People of Earth to join him in Heaven and become a star faring race with a bright future. You enter Heaven in the flesh, not by spirit. God created this world and has every soul that has ever existed, inside a repository, so they may be resurrected and judged at the end of his plan. We all know that God controls destiny and that his prophecies always come to pass. We know that God and his Messengers have come down from Heaven and that they have interacted with humanity in many ways. The time for your understanding is now upon us, and it is God’s will that his plan be fulfilled. God is an immortal being that is far advanced compared to us, and we can do nothing to stop his will or plan. Some say that he does not exist. Some say that we are alone in the universe. Some say that we are just ignorant animals that are not worthy of entering Heaven. Some say that we are able to become God-Like and that we are being carefully nudged to this end. What do you believe????

May God Bless America And Show Her his Greatness And Strength To Help Her Battle Evil And Save Our World And People. God Grant Understanding To All who Seek Righteousness And Truth.