I Need Your Help.

I Need Your Help. Many of you believe that climate change is due to humanity using fossil fuels. Many of you believe that solar and wind power technologies are the future. Many of you believe that rockets will bring us to other worlds.

Do you know that sooner or later fossil fuels will be depleted? Do you know that wind power is intermittent? Low wind or high wind and the blades do not spin. Do you know that solar power is intermittent? Night time-no power, cloudy-lower power, efficiency depends on location on earth.

The International Space Station is mostly solar panels and battery packs and their is no weather or atmosphere to reduce collection. Do you know batteries and panels lose efficiency after 5 years and 10 years respectively?

Do you know that an electrical motor can turn a generator and produce more electricity than it takes to run? Imagine electrical power 24-7-365 and requiring less space than the inefficient technologies. Here are some examples of this actually working.

I have a design that is different and more efficient but I need funds to make a working model so I can patent it and then produce it. I will then use the profits from those sales to create a new technology that runs on light and can give us the ability to create a field driven craft capable of interstellar travel at speeds approaching or surpassing the speed of light.

Please help me by donating at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/3dt75-save-the-world

If you want a world free of fossil fuels and a technology that works continuously and efficiently, please donate.