Heaven Awaits.

Heaven Awaits. The Time has come for the People of Earth to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You see the stars in the night sky. Some of those lights are satellites, comets, asteroids, and planets, which are all local inside our solar system. Some of those lights are other solar systems within our own milky way galaxy, but are light years away from us. Some of those lights are other galaxies which are hundreds of millions to billions of light years away from us.

Electromagnetic radiation, also known as Light, consists of photons. We can only see a certain band of these photons with our eyes, and that is called visible light. The light from those far galaxies and stars still reaches us here on earth for us to see in the night sky. There is a vast universe out there, that we can see, but with todays technologies can never reach. Rockets can never allow us to efficiently travel our own solar system, let alone travel to another system. What if we made a ship that acts like a photon?

This is what a photon would like as particle and a wave. What if you can a craft that behaves this way? How fast will it travel? Will the field cancel mass and inertia? Does this sound familiar?

There have been many theories and attempts to create craft similar to UFOs but as of yet none have achieved the craft that can travel outer space much less our own solar system.

The existing technologies to create fields is usually using existing metals like copper all the way to exotic superconductors, but they use electrons that travel on the surface of the metal. Now use photons travelling inside fiber optic material and you can have increased concentration levels if you make it inside a loop. the field created will be an alternating magnetic-electric field if the loop is sized properly to frequency like radio-microwave technology today. Time to advance and enter Heaven and a new age.

Gravity and magnetism are related and this is seen in all of nature, such as the planets remain in a ring around the sun, the rings around the outer planets, the shape of the galaxies, and even the blackholes.

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