CoronaVirus Danger To Southern Hemisphere.

CoronaVirus Danger To Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere is about to enter Spring, which means that Sunshine will cleanse the virus, as it does with Flu Virus every year. The Southern Hemisphere is about enter Fall, which means less Sunshine, and an increased lifespan of Flu Virus and others. The nations of the Southern Hemisphere should prepare for the CoronaVirus Danger because they are just about to enter their Flu Season.

Please note, as the seasons change in both hemispheres, allergies shall make people panic, thinking that have the CoronaVirus when their symptoms arise. This is inevitable, and should be expected, by government and healthcare organizations. Everyone with allergies should note if others around them that do not have allergies are showing the same symptoms, if they are, then they may wish to have all of them seek healthcare services. If they are not showing symptoms, then it should be safe to assume it is only your own allergies, and not the virus. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is more accurate, than in the Southern Hemisphere, because the North is leaving the Flu Season, where the South is just entering it.


We do not wish to cause panic, but must point this out, so proper planning can be made, and in the proper regions. Vaccines are being worked on, but as with everything else, it takes time. It is estimated that a vaccine will be approved for use and distributed for the Northern Hemisphere’s next Flu Season, which means after Sept 2020. The Greatest Threat will be to the Southern Hemisphere as it enters its Fall and Winter seasons. Prepare appropriately so the most lives can be saved.

This article should help everyone and prepare you with the best knowledge available at this time.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.