God-Allah-Yahweh May You Enlighten Your Children.

God-Allah-Yahweh May You Enlighten Your Children. Many of you will be celebrating but remember the ‘Reason for the Season’. God-Allah-Yahweh should be remembered for his many Miracles, Teachings, and Blessings. God-Allah-Yahweh is the King of Heaven, and the Creator of Humanity and the Earth which we live.

Remember God-Allah-Yahweh and give him prayer and praise for all he has done for us. Teach your children the Scriptures and Laws so they may know God-Allah-Yahweh, the Kingdom of Heaven, the Laws to live by, the Judgement Day that God-Allah-Yahweh has promised will occur, and the Rewards and Punishments of Obeying and Disobeying.

The Kingdom of Heaven is so far advanced that you have a hard time understanding that it has conquered Death, conquered Disease, conquered Star Travel, conquered Ignorance, conquered Poverty, and has created feats of Science that you can not even imagine. Remember that you have been created and are being advanced, according to the Plan that God-Allah-Yahweh created at our creation.

God-Allah-Yahweh created you and the earth, and the Devil has been testing you to see if you are intelligent and capable of being able to pursue GOOD and reject EVIL. Most of you have been given Freewill and you will be Judged according to your own deeds. The Devil is Real, and he is performing the task appointed to him by God-Allah-Yahweh. The Testing of his Children and the rewarding of those who pass the Test is central to God-Allah-Yahweh’s Plan. Learn and Live doing GOOD Not EVIL.

The Army of the Righteous is Not large, but it is Blessed and Protected by God-Allah-Yahweh. The Power of God-Allah-Yahweh is beyond many of you to Comprehend. You have failed to put the pieces together and now you are being given those pieces because the Judgement Day is NOT far away.

Join The Army Of The Righteous, And Spread The Teachings Of God-Allah-Yahweh To All, So That EVIL May Be Destroyed, And You, The Children Of God-Allah-Yahweh May Become Worthy To Be Citizens Of Heaven And Receive The Rewards Of That Honor. God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers. God-Allah-Yahweh Show Your Children Who Is EVIL So Your Children Will Know The Path Of The Righteous.

God-Allah-Yahweh Destroy The EVIL Before The Eyes Of The Righteous.

God-Allah-Yahweh Destroy The EVIL Before The Eyes Of The Righteous.

Entry into Heaven is NOT given to those who are EVIL.
God-Allah-Yahweh is the Immortal GOD.
God-Allah-Yahweh gave us the religions that lead to Heaven.
EVIL shall NOT enter Heaven.
EVIL shall be exposed and punished.

The Teachings of God-Allah-Yahweh are clear.

Your science is has a long way to advance. Here is your next phase.

You are still primitive and you think too highly of yourselves. You think climate change is caused by your actions? The last message was about the magnetic poles shifting. The ancient prophecies said the heavens would shift. The sun and moon are now rising and setting in locations different than just 5 years ago. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and severe weather, were also predicted to increase. Your activities on earth that most effect the earth are your breathing, eating, excrement, living areas, and population.

When God-Allah-Yahweh arrives to Judge everyone, their is no force on earth that can resist the Army of Heaven.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.

Stop Being Ignorant.

Stop Being Ignorant. God-Allah-Yahweh is the Immortal Living God who rules the Most Advanced Civilization in the Universe, The Kingdom Of Heaven.

You are just Children, and an Experiment created by God-Allah-Yahweh. You were created to grow and seek Truth and Knowledge, while living Civilized according to the Commandments of God-Allah-Yahweh. You have been told that you and your world were created by God-Allah-Yahweh. You have been told that the Kingdom of Heaven exists, and that it is recording everything about you, and your world. You have been told that your Soul is being recorded, and that it is stored in the ‘Underworld-Hades-Hell-Sheol’. You have been told that you will be judged at the end of the experiment, ‘Judgement Day’. You have been told how you will be ‘Judged’ and the Commandments-Laws that will used to establish whether you are Worthy of Heaven or NOT, and also whether you are Worthy of Hell or NOT. You have been told all these things, and you have been told that you can change your ways from EVIL-Sin, and that Mercy-Forgiveness will be Granted if you Refrain from EVIL-Sin thus proving you have learned to be GOOD-Not Sin.

God-Allah-Yahweh is very real, and the Evidence of his Existence is passed down over the years.

You speak of Aliens and UFOs, but in the past, you called them Angels and Chariots of Heaven. The Greys and Blues of today are drones that were created after the Nephilim-Angels made themselves ‘Gods’ on earth and ‘Sinned’.

The time has come for you advance and become a member world of the Kingdom Of Heaven. Here are the beginnings of the proper direction.

It should also be known that the last message from Aliens-Heaven-Angels was that the magnetic poles of the earth would shift. The Climate Change is real, But NOT man-made.

Do your research and prepare yourselves.




Stop Attacking The Believers.

Stop Attacking The Believers. God-Allah-Yahweh gave you his commandments, yet many of you have never found the path of righteousness, because you have failed to study the other religions created by him. You think your religious leaders are teaching you the ‘One True Religion’ but there is no ‘One True Religion’. God-Allah-Yahweh has many names and the one fact that never changes, that he is the ‘Ruler Of Heaven’ and the ‘Immortal Living God’.

The Truth, is God-Allah-Yahweh has sent many Prophets and Teachers, and that each taught in the way necessary, to create a stable civilized society, and to play their part in God-Allah-Yahweh’s overall plan. Over the years, you have been visited by Teachers-Princes-Spirits-Judges, that represent the 7 stars, the 7 flames, the 7 seals, the 7 horns, the 7 Buddhas, the 7 ministries, the 7 princes, and possibly even more. Do your research and learn from all sources, for God-Allah-Yahweh wanted you to learn from all 7.

Belief in God’s revealed books: 1. Torah, Bible, Qur’an. 2. Belief in all Gods prophets: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad. 3. A final day of judgment. 4. Belief in the angels of God.

Stop attacking the believers. All believers must begin with one of the 7 sources, and progress forward to learn the other 6 remaining. No one Religion is Complete, and this should be accepted. God-Allah-Yahweh said that worshiping false Gods was a sin. Making images that represent Gods that do NOT exist or have any influence or power are the ones that God-Allah-Yahweh spoke of. The Believers are many and should strive to move in the Teachings of all of them. Attacking the Believers of other Religions that God-Allah-Yahweh has created, is unacceptable, and you shall be held accountable for your actions against them. The Radical Extremists of all the Religions are in the Wrong, and shall be held at Judgement Day. God-Allah-Yahweh treats all of us as Children, because we are so young and often fail to follow the Path of the Righteous. You have forgotten what is GOOD, and what is EVIL. You have fallen prey to the LIES and DECEPTIONS of Satan and his followers. You are failing the TEST, and making your entry into Heaven impossible. You shall only receive the Fires of Hell and punishment for your EVIL acts. Stop attacking the believers, and progress forward in the ways God-Allah-Yahweh and Righteousness.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers. God-Allah-Yahweh Teach Your Children Tolerance And How To Advance To Become Citizens Of The Kingdom Of Heaven.

Learn from each other and progress to the Stars and Heaven using knowledge and understanding, and working together in a civilized manner. Teach each other how to battle EVIL within yourselves and how to battle EVIL that seeks to lead you away from God-Allah-Yahweh and the Kingdom of Heaven and the Promised Rewards. May God-Allah-Yahweh Help You Find Righteousness And Good Deeds Before It Is Too Late.