Witnesses And Documents.

Witnesses And Documents. The following should be obtained-called:

The Whistleblower who started this whole situation, because no one has heard from him-her, and cross examination is necessary.

The Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, because he changed the whistleblower form, and allowed hearsay to be forwarded without any verification. His testimony from the US House of Representatives should also be obtained.

Representative Adam Schiff who had involvement with the Whistleblower prior to the complaint, and whose staffers may have helped him write the complaint.

The President’s Personal Attorney Rudy Giuliani who can explain the coordination with the Government of the Ukraine, and that it did not involve the 2020 Elections, but corruption, 2016 Elections, framing President Trump and his administration, and corruption schemes of Bidens-Burisma.

There is also many other examples of US Government Corruption but not of the Trump Administration. The Coup Attempt is NOT a conspiracy theory, but they are trying to cover it up.

The US House of Representatives has failed to bring valid Articles of Impeachment, and they have no Direct Evidence of their charges. This is the most corrupt Impeachment in history, with the sole goal of removing the US President.

If the US Senate wants Witnesses and Additional Documents, then the above listed would be the most logical to get to the heart of the issues without court battles of Executive Privilege. May the US Senators see this and if necessary, request these to finish this sham Impeachment with minimal delay.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.