Weapons And Technology Far Beyond Ours.

Weapons And Technology Far Beyond Ours. We are primitive compared to God and his forces. Do you honestly believe that you can defeat the Armies of Heaven? Extraterrestrial beings and their technology have been reported today and throughout history, and no one on earth can defeat them. God is a being far beyond our development, and if he wanted to conquer us or destroy us, he could do so with minimal effort. Have you ever wondered about the spacecraft that you call UFO’s? Have you ever seen one?

When I was a child I had toy binoculars and one day while looking in the sky I saw a gold bullet with four antennas traveling in the sky slowly. I assumed it must be a satelite. As I grew older and smarter, I realized it could not have been a satelite, and it could not have been from earth. It traveled slow and steady, and there was no vapor trail or exhaust, yet it was real. Another time I saw a huge blimp like object above me but its propellers made no noise. I ran home and told my mother, and she said it was just a blimp, but she has no memory of that event and she only remembers the small Goodyear blimp flying high overhead once in awhile. Another time while walking my dog at night, I saw a dash of light going up and down, and then side to side. Jets and bombers from our nearby airbase began screaming overhead towards the object. When they got near it, it shot straight up and was gone. The jets and bombers to base, and nothing was in the news that I remember.

I remember other strange things such as a vision one night when I was seven. I saw a young man in jeans and t shirt carrying a big pile of books and looking in pain. I screamed and my mother had to calm me down for about an hour before I could go back to sleep. I never forgot that vision and one day looking in the mirror when I was seventeen, I realized that they had shown me myself ten years later. I can tell you that that blew my mind. I remember such things as friendly shadows as keeping an eye on me when I was young. While in the military I had some strange experiences but those I mostly attribute to my own inexperience. When I met my wife, we had some strange things happen. She had a lady in white abduct her, and from that point on she no longer had her period. When we wanted to split the first two times, a large man all in black would materialize and chase her back to me, and we would make up. Twice after we were married, a lit cigarette would materialize and drop on my wife. The first time it burned to ash but the second time I saved it. It had no filter and no markings. I kept it but I have not found it since we moved but we still have some boxes not unpacked.

These are just a few of the really strange things that they are capable of. Their craft are capable of feats that we are no where near accomplishing today. They are still here monitoring everything we do, and interfering when they deem necessary. They can abduct us whenever they want. They can make us see and hear what they want us to. They can materialize objects in sealed rooms and possibly even themselves. The truth is, they control this world and we are powerless to stop them. They can predict the future with great accuracy, and the prophecies given thousands of years ago will come to pass. God does exist and he is not a spirit, but an immortal being of awesome power far beyond us. I would advise all the people of this world to repent from their evil ways and become good in the eyes of God/Allah/Yahweh. The prophecies are coming true, and that means that the endtimes are now upon us. Prepare yourselves, and follow the path of righteousness that God/Allah/Yahweh has taught us. Know this as true, no one on earth has the power to defeat God. One of his craft, can take out all of our weapons and defenses. Fear God/Allah/Yahweh, because to do otherwise is pure folly and idiocy.

May God Bless And Guide His Children To Righteousness And Truth, And Soon Judge And Destroy Evil On Earth