Funny, Weird.

Funny, Weird. Do you see what is happening in the world? Why are we seeing false narratives pushed as truth? Why are we seeing false teachings pushed as truth? Why are we seeing false science pushed as truth? Why are we seeing false data pushed as truth?

Do you know that all these religions have a man named Abraham in common? Do you know that God-Allah-Yahweh, made a covenant with him? Do you know that God-Allah-Yahweh is the God of Abraham? Do you know that Abraham’s father was a maker of false gods? Do you know that the God of Abraham, is the first living god? Do you know that God-Allah-Yahweh struck down Abraham’s father and destroyed all he had? Do you know that Abraham built many alters and shrines to God-Allah-Yahweh but never made anything with his image? Abraham was tested by God-Allah-Yahweh many times, and human sacrifice was abolished during his life.

The division between these religions, is due to religious leaders, and their interpretations of the teachings. Many of the stories have the same teachings, and that is, God-Allah-Yahweh is an immortal living god, he is the creator of humanity and earth, he is recording every soul and all their deeds, he is the ruler of both Heaven and Earth, and he will judge his creation on the Judgement Day.

Do you know that Buddhism may be about the Holy Spirit? The Seven Stars, or the Seven Lamps? You may want to research that.

The COVID-19 CoronaVirus pandemic, is affecting, and effecting, the entire world, but it is not being analyzed properly or scientifically. The data and fear being generated, are disproportionate to the risk of death. Initially the virus was believed to have a death rate of 3-4%, if contracted, where the common flu has a death rate of .1% to .4% if contracted. The actual number is 0% to .8%. If 45 years old and younger, with no underlying conditions, your chance of dying from contraction, is 0%. If 65 and older with underlying conditions, your chance of dying from contraction, is .8%. They falsely claim that it is more contagious than common flu, but the common flu infects 1 billion per year and there are slightly more than 8 million confirmed COVID-19 cases. Mitigation and social distancing were tools that were implemented to slow the spread, and keep healthcare systems from being overwhelmed. If you look at the data, a very troubling conclusion is emerging. Biological Attack with intentional area spread.

Climate change, renewable energy, and technological advancement are also having data manipulation.

We are also seeing manipulation of Laws, Justice, and Law Enforcement, to create protests, riots, chaos, and destruction, to propagate EVIL and Lawlessness, and protect the EVIL from Judgement and Justice.

The Radical factions have infiltrated many nations and we are seeing what years of their planning have set up. The Ignorance and EVIL that is being spread today is very dangerous. The Children are not being taught History, Law, Rule of Law, Science, Math, or even Religious and Family Values. The Children even have different meanings for the words we commonly use today. Parents need to discuss this with their Children, because many fights and misunderstandings can be avoided by recognizing that they are using the same words but speaking different languages. This is an EVIL plot meant to dissolve God-Allah-Yahweh, Countries, and Families, so they can make a global empire that has no hope of advancing humanity to the status of star-faring race. EVIL behavior is being made Normal and Righteous behavior is being made Abnormal. The last time this occurred the world was cleansed, and according to Prophecy, we are in the EndTimes, and that Final Judgement Day is about to happen. Prepare Yourselves.

You think that this is coincidence? This is by design. The prophecies are thousands of years old but happening right now. Proof of God-Allah-Yahweh, Heaven and Hell, and Judgement Day.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.

False Data Or Biological Attack?

False Data Or Biological Attack? The United States of America is showing the highest numbers of any country, but is less than 5% of the world population.

Here is the data showing cases and deaths worldwide.

You will note that the world is shut down for a virus that has less than 8 million cases and 450,000 deaths. The Common Flu infects 1 billion per year and creates 3-4 million deaths. The mortality rate is NOT 3-4% but .1 to.8%. The Healthcare system can easily handle new cases and enough ventilators are available, and we have various treatments that have proven effective against the virus. The northern hemisphere is entering summer, yet we are hearing of spikes in the US but what about the rest of the world? Are they going to say that COVID-19 CoronaVirus is NOT a virus but a disease like measles? Here is the US data.

US Covid cases 6-13-20
US Covid death 6-13-20

Why is the whole country shut down? Why is the virus still here? Why does the United States have the highest numbers, even with shutdowns, mitigation, social distancing, and entering summer? Is COVID-19 being actively spread to the population of the United States? The only way that these numbers can be explained, is an intentional and ongoing biological attack or false numbers to create panic. Which is it?

The US Government and the Global and US Healthcare organizations have to explain why these numbers show the United States having 25% of the Cases and Deaths when we have 5% of the global population. Why do the cases and deaths not approach Common Flu if it is so deadly? Why does the undeveloped world countries not see vastly higher cases and deaths? The data says the free world is under attack. We should not be seeing increases in the northern hemisphere with entering summer. We should be seeing increases in the southern hemisphere with entering winter. We need honest answers.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.

Should We Develop New Devices For Law Enforcement?

Should We Develop New Devices For Law Enforcement? What would happen if we created sonic and/or directed energy devices for our law enforcement personnel? They would not have to physically take down criminals and could disable them without danger to themselves. We could also incorporate higher energy settings that would allow the takedown of criminals at far greater ranges than common use firearms. We also have crowd control devices such as these that we should start using.

We have miniaturized phones, computers, cameras, and transmitters-receivers into smartphones, so we should be able to make these devices smaller also. We can make our law enforcement and military much more effective and take down the criminal-enemy with technology far advanced to what they can obtain. We can make these devices sealed and biometric locked for use. The complaints about police physical brutality would probably be replaced with police using overwhelming force and weapons of war.

We could also develop devices similar to phaser weapons and change the way we do law enforcement and warfare. We could also make helicopter or drone equipped devices.

We could even develop shock batons similar to cattle prods that would allow control better than beating the criminal.

Handguns, Batons, and even Handcuffs, are from the days of old and can be ineffective. Handguns are accurate to 30 to 40 ft. Batons are metal or wood and only effective against the smaller and more frail. Handcuffs can easily be picked and removed, hence you see many using tiewraps now that need to be cut off, and are more efficient.

The Police have been made to be minimally armed and less threatening, but with terrorists and gangs gaining in warfare training, we may see our police have to become more threatening.

BINLADEN-SPECIAL/ – Illustrations and factbox on U.S. Special Forces units. RNGS. (SIN03)
Indonesian anti-terror police prepare to stampede a hotel during a joint anti-terror drill in Jakarta, on October 27, 2011. The joint anti-terror drill is part of the country’s effort to combat terrorism acts, and comes ahead of Indonesia hosting the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in November. AFP PHOTO / Bay ISMOYO (Photo credit should read BAY ISMOYO/AFP/Getty Images)

The United States has been infiltrated by Terrorists and those have created the domestic terrorists groups that are now terrorizing the American People. The Police inside the United States have SWAT units to handle armed organized crime, but as the numbers of bad actors increase so must the necessary counter force. We are seeing bombs, Molotov cocktails, acid, dynamite(high power fireworks), vehicles, as well as rocks, clubs, knives, small firearms, and various improvised weapons. Many of you do not remember the MOB wars of the past, but that is where we are now. Gangs of children and young people have been steadily on the rise due to laws that say children can not be treated as adults. The war against the police was started by organized crime and increased by the indoctrination techniques being taught inside our public schools and even higher education. The Rule of Law, and Equal Justice Under The Law, are no longer applied properly, and the systems are now corrupt. Restoration of these systems must be re-established, or we will see our large cities collapse first and then you will see armed American Citizens in rural and suburban areas taking Justice in their own hands due to a lack of trust in the Judicial and Law Enforcement systems. Make no mistake, the older generation is losing faith in the younger generation. The American People do NOT bow down to oppressors and those who seek to take away our Freedoms.

Remember the United States of America and what it stands for.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.

The Test.

The Test. The censorship that we are seeing everywhere is worse than you can imagine. The EVIL are allowed to spew their Hate, Lies, And Deceptions, but the Righteous are suppressed from Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, and even the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The Hypocrisy is NOT to be ignored. EVIL is trying to take over everything and put US in a dark age.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.


Infiltration. Who is controlling these Domestic Terrorists? Why are they being portrayed as some liberating army worthy of praise? The Devil-Satan-Serpent has unleashed his Army of Darkness, because he is losing every battle against US. The Prophecies of the Ancients are now coming true.

The United States of America is the main target, because it is the nation that was built upon the Commandments-Laws of God-Allah-Yahweh. It is the most powerful nation on Earth, and has never sought to conquer the world, but has saved it multiple times from EVIL forces. The EVIL have infiltrated the US and are now trying to destroy it from the inside. The United States Constitution has protected the American People for centuries, and we are seeing it abused and undermined, instead of enforced as written.

When will the Dept of Justice, remove the exposed corruption and attempted soft coup directed at the President of the United States? When will we see federal law enforced on the rouge states? When will we see the EVIL and corrupt that fail in their duties, brought to justice? We do not need new laws, but enforcement of existing laws. The Rule Of Law, and Equal Justice Under The Law, must be Restored.

The main issues affecting the World, and the United States, is easily solved with Advanced Technologies, that overwhelm the Enemy and destroy their ability to conquer. The United States has always been the underdog when it comes to population, but it used to have the most educated general population and its public schools systems were the best in the world. The US Military was nearly destroyed by the Obama Administration, and that would have made US open to being conquered by others. Here is your Advanced Technologies, and once achieved, the United States will once again dominate the lesser countries with Peace Through Strength.

Today we see riots and they say the Police need to be abolished. The true problem is that our Police are given a handgun that is effective to 30-40 ft, and a stick-baton to subdue suspects and criminals. The criminals today have high power automatic firearms, fortified bldgs, explosives, fortified vehicles, body armor, and even drone and surveillance technologies. When will the Police be given better technology to combat these criminals?

The United States Government, State and Local Governments, have Failed the American People by Not giving them Proper Basic Education, Enforcing Basic American Rights and Freedoms, and not keeping ahead of our Enemies Technologically. Let that sink in.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.

Justice And Law.

Justice And Law. The concepts given to us by God-Allah-Yahweh, to create civilized behavior among people, and hence civilization.

Primitive Animals have no intelligence, and a group of animals are ruled by only strength and aggression.

Good people follow the laws given to them, and live in peace with each other. When the laws are broken, there are set punishments to be implemented. This brings order and applying them to every individual brings equality and fairness. Civilization is then created and the people live safe and content.

EVIL people intentionally break the laws given to them, and create chaos and fear among people. We see this done in domestic violence all the way up to Radical Terrorism. The ISIS Caliphate is the latest example, but Iran with its proxies may also be used as an example. Today we see this happening in Seattle Washington where Radical Terrorists has taken and secured an area of six blocks so far.

This is what a Terrorist Invasion looks like. Cut off cell coverage, internet, water, gas,and electricity to area. Surround with Army and Marines, then send in the Anti-Terrorists Units. If they resist, shoot to kill. The cancerous Terrorists cells have created Domestic Terrorists out of our youth, and need to be removed nationwide. This is what our US Military is trained to stop.

We warned you long ago.

You were warned and the United States of America is now under attack from within and they are no longer hiding, except for the real Terrorists that are leading these proxies. The COVID-19 was a biological attack against the US and EU, and if you look at the spread and case data you can see this. Now we have Domestic Terrorists groups rioting and destroying inside major US cities, and now they are seizing property and making demands. The War is here now, and the enemy infiltrated US, set up cells, and used the schools and universities to indoctrinate the youth against the US. It is time to take the US back, restore Justice, Restore Rule of Law, and Restore the Freedoms of the American People.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.

Attack On The Free World.

Attack On The Free World. The evidence continues to show that the COVID-19 CoronaVirus has been utilized as a bio-weapon, and intentionally spread to the USA especially, and the other free nations of the world. The data should be showing large increases in the southern hemisphere as it approaches its winter, but the most cases are in the USA having 25% of the infections and deaths, and then other free nations are showing high numbers, but the undeveloped countries are not collapsing, which they should be if this was natural spread. The USA has only 5% of the world population but 25% of cases and deaths, which demonstrates an intentional attack on the USA and free world.

Check out the data, and tell me you do not see the free world targeted.

We want the WHO, CDC, and NIH, to explain the USA having 25% of infections and deaths, when it has only 5% of the world population? Where are the high spikes that we should be seeing in the southern hemisphere? Why is the USA still in lockdown when it is about to enter summer? The only reason for the high numbers, is the intentional spread by attackers, on the populations. You will remember the stories showing people licking video doorbells, railings, doorknobs, etc, and also the intentional spitting, coughing, sneezing, on items and persons. Find those people and trace the money to find who spread the disease intentionally.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.