Truth, Evil’s Greatest Enemy.

Truth, Evil’s Greatest Enemy. The Truth and the spreading of it, is the only way to defeat Evil. Evil is Ignorance, and in that Ignorance, you allow yourself to believe the Lies and Deceits that you have been told, and are being told.

Since the Battle of Good and Evil is most prominent in Religion, lets take that one on first. Most of the religious people of the world, believe that God and Heaven are in some type of other dimension that your soul enters after you are dead. Yahweh spoke to Moses and the Tribes of Israel from his Holy Mountain. Yahweh did many miracles here on Earth. Manna, flocks of birds, water, pillars of fire and cloud, plagues of burning hail, frogs, locusts, 3 days of darkness, and many more. Abraham was physically visited by the Immortal God and later by his messengers. Isaiah was shown that Yahweh has the power of Resurrection. Enoch was shown Heaven and met God, was returned to Earth and taught his family, and was then taken back to Heaven. Jesus died, was resurrected after 3 days, went to Heaven, returned and taught his disciples afterwards, and then was taken to Heaven again. Mohammad taught that the evil ones think they have escaped judgement through death but will be resurrected and punished. Mohammad was also taken to Heaven at the Blue Rock. God/Allah/Yahweh and Heaven are physical. All the souls of Earth are recorded and stored in Heaven until the Day of Judgement, when they will be resurrected and put in front of God/Allah/Yahweh for judgement. God/Allah/Yahweh is the Immortal Living God that Reigns over Heaven and Earth. Do your Research into Religions, and see this Truth.

Global Warming, is the next hoax to tackle. Yes, we see climate changes and they are very concerning. The icecaps and glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, but they are not the result of Humanity. The Sun is changing its magnetic poles, and that affects the planets revolving around it. The increase in solar radiation causes the warming. The Earth is about to shift its magnetic poles in response to the Suns. This is apparent in the sun and moon rising in different spots then years past. The earthquakes, volcanoes, severe weather, and ice melting are all associated with this. Read the stories of Atlantis. Also Albert Einstein is said to have been a believer that Earth’s surface can shift due to similar events such as Earth’s magnetic fields shifting. Do your Research.

Just 50 years ago, we were told that the solar system we live in was unique and that no other planets revolved around other suns. We know this to be completely false and that most suns have planets around them. The big bang theory is now in jeopardy but no one comments on this. As astronomy has progressed, we find that there is more and more galaxies and matter then we ever thought before, yet have our theories been updated due to this??? Dark Matter and Dark Energy, as well as the Big Bang Theory need to revised but have they??? Gravity, Magnetism, and Electricity, are all being shown to be everywhere, but are their relations to each other being explored???

May God Guide Us To Him And Heaven

We can scan the entire Earth but we can not create a device that can scan the human body for changes??? Tumors, cancers, parasites, and injuries, are all simple things that should be easily detectable with simple technologies, but no one creates such a device. Why??? Viruses, poisonings, other cancers, and genetic defects are a little more difficult but devices should be possible to detect them also. This would bring down medical costs dramatically, and improve the human condition.

Energy systems are coming out that are capable of creating Electrical power with no fuel required except at startup. Do Your Research and see this.

Evil wants you to believe that, there is no God/Allah/Yahweh, there is no Heaven except a dimension that your soul enters at death, there is man caused global warming, there is no life beyond Earth, there are no Advanced Civilizations beyond Earth, The Universe is of Finite size, Faster than Light Travel is Impossible, AntiGravity is impossible, Sustainable power generation requiring no fuel is impossible, Advancing beyond electrical and combustion systems is impossible, War is inevitable, and many other things. Do Your Research, and Advance Beyond the Ignorance that Evil would have you Exist in.

We must also not forget that we have Evil Un-American Radical Democrats/Globalists here in the United States of America trying to destroy this Greatest Nation on Earth so they can implement Global Government and Control the Global Population and keep the World Ignorant and Evil, with no chance of Entering the Real Heaven. God/Allah/Yahweh is fulfilling his Prophecies, and The Righteous shall see the completion of his Great Plan.

May God/Allah/Yahweh Lead You Down Righteous Paths So You May Enter Heaven And Receive His Gifts. May God/Allah/Yahweh Show The Evil Ones His Wrath And Change Their Followers To Become His Children.